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Kevin checks in with us and gives us an update. He's lost 20 lbs. in just 4 weeks! Meet his wife Shirley and listen to Kevin's inspiring story. Thank you all for emailing us and adding encouraging comments for Kevin. I have shared many of them with Kevin and they are the real food for his heart and soul--your words and his own. Please keep them coming!

Kevin takes along with him as he begins his journey, an amazing transformation that starts from the inside out. Kevin takes us with him to the store, buys some simple items and shows us some of his favorite recipes. Kevin told us, "I want to be an inspirational story..."

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Back in 2007, we were two gently unemployed people with no previous restaurant experience drove 90 minutes to Chicago to eat a raw food dinner. 

90 minutes. 

We said, "I wish there was some place closer..." 

And we were stupid enough to decide the best solution to the problem was to open their own restaurant.

We had only been eating raw five months and had no business opening a restaurant. We were unemployed...but enthusiastic. Now, four years later, we've been rated regularly by visitors as one of the best raw food restaurants in the world, by people who've traveled and tried a lot of raw food places. 

Our place? It's like our home...a place to enjoy food made with the finest organic ingredients with that certain something that keeps people coming back for more. 

We're still not sure if people come to the restaurant for the food or the entertainment or just to have a "safe" friendly place when they can come and try the food and not feel judged.

And the talk?

Sometimes people circle around to deep subjects that maybe don't normally see the light of day but manage to find their way blinking into the light of a little cafe'.

You would be absolutely amazed at the wondrous power of tasty wholesome food and a safe place to talk freely and be yourself unafraid.

People enjoy our down-to-borrowed-earth approach to common sense and good food.

You can only imagine the people we meet.

People like you.

Want to meet a lot of interesting people? Open a restaurant! 

All day long we meet great people with real stories about themselves and food. 

Stories that have inspired us.

Stories we'd like to share with someone like you who maybe wants to feel better--even if it's just something to smile about. 

Want to learn to make delicious food? 

Watch real people making food. 

All the food channels have the professional person doing it, the name person, and you watch and think, "Yeah, it looks good, but they're like, a professional."

We know, we were you.

So we thought, "Let's show real people making food."

And all our customers love the idea.

In fact, within a week of mentioning it, over 30 people said, "Can I be on the show?"

Some of them lost weight or are trying to lose weight. Some of them of them are trying to eat better because they have a health challenge. But most of them just like the food period.

So much so that they want to learn to make it themselves.

That's what Danny and Kathy did.

Before they opened the restaurant, Danny and Kathy were two real people (we still are), but they made the food at home.

Old school.

Looking for old school?

Want to hear what real people are saying about their lives, their health and their quest to make food that'll get their toes tapping?

Watch Real Living TV.

We imagined a million people watching a show called Real Living TV featuring real people making food and telling us their stories, some of which have nothing to do with food.

We say it's all good.